You've all had incredibly illustrious careers in your respective fields and focuses, what made you decide to form a band?

We didn’t decide to form ASHRR out of any reason other than when we started working on making music it really just clicked, musically and even more important on a friendship level.  We have tremendous respect and admiration for each other and that is reflected in the music.


Obviously this project has a lot of significance for you, what do you hope for fans to get from your music?

There’s room for great music out there for any audience. We are looking to find the audience that’s into our music.  I hope they can’t stop playing the album and that they come to the shows and tell the world about ASHRR.

Having a variety of genre influences creates a unique sound with ASHRR, do you guys ever struggle with the direction you'd like to take some songs?

We have not had one struggle over where to take the songs as they reveal themselves over time in the manner that they should be presented. We’ve been very lucky in that regard.


You've said you make music that you'd like to hear in today's climate, what is it that you're trying to put out there or change?

We’re not wanting to change anything. We just think that there’s a lot of fans of new wave, post-punk electronic rock that are looking for something fresh and exciting. 

Have you each taken a role on your music making process of is it a full collaboration where you each have a say in every aspect?

Ethan and I sit down and write the music and then we all collaborate on the lyrics from that point on and work on refining the production until the song comes to life in it’s final form. 

Is there a certain direction you have in mind for ASHRR? What is the ideal outcome?

North…   For us, we want to play all over the world in festivals and expose as many people to our music as we can.  The live show that we have started to put together is really special and we’re excited about taking it on the road.

With your debut EP out now and an overwhelmingly positive response, where is your head at now seeing the results of your hard work?

We’re never satisfied.. in fact, we haven’t even gotten started yet.

You've all made some incredible connections with renowned talent over yout long careers, what's been the best advice you've received for ASHRR?

We all have incredibly long diverse backgrounds and the only advice we’ve been given is to make music you love.. Your audience will come.   

So, what's next?

Working on finishing up the full length album and hitting the LA market hard with live shows to build our fanbase around town. In addition, we’ve filmed a live show and we’re prepping it for release as well. 


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