Blue Heaven

How did your sound develop from your previous hardcore and punk sound to Blue Heaven?

Very slowly. It was a very new, challenging, and humbling experience for all of us. But once we got the first 3 or 4 songs done they started coming together quicker and easier. Practice makes perfect I guess haha.


Following the release of “Volume One,” what has been your experience after finally putting out something you’ve worked on for 2+ years?

 It feels amazing to finally put out something that you put so much time and effort into. And getting to put it out on No Sleep Records was seriously a dream come true. We love that label and getting to be a part of that family is an honor.


What is the most important thing you hope fans take away from “Volume One?”

All we want is for people to give it a chance. We think, like most records, this album requires a few listens to really take it all in. We really put our hearts and souls into this and I think you can hear that if you’re really listening.


You’re finishing up your current run of shows, what has that experience been like for you? Any plans to tour in the near future in support of “Volume One?”

So we did about ten days in May with our friends in DRMCTCHR  and Latewaves, and in June we did ten days with our best buds in Young and Heartless. Both tours were awesome and we had a blast! Next up we play the Full Sail University Stage at the Columbia Maryland date of the Vans Warped Tour! After that we play a fest called Susiepalooza in Deer Park NY with a bunch of awesome bands. Then starting August 16th we head to the Midwest for the first time with our pals in Salt Creek! More dates to come in the fall.


As both the musician and producer for “Volume One,” what was your greatest challenge in juggling both roles? Does it improve the process producing the music yourself?

I think self producing gave us the freedom to do what we want. Our record is intended to be a non traditional indie pop record. I feel like working with a producer would have pushed us towards being a traditional pop band. The greatest challenge was just trying to not feel that the grass was greener in a different studio. When you run your own studio you know your every weak spot, but we were very happy with the records turnout. 


What headspace have you found allows you to write the best?

Freedom. When I don't have much on my plate and I feel like things are good for the moment, I find myself writing a few songs a week. 


What are you looking forward to most for the future of Blue Heaven?

Touring! We can’t wait to spend more time on the road playing this album to anyone and everyone who wants to listen

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