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Casey Bolles

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Casey Bolles is a young indie singer-songwriter who is about to release his cover EP titled "Manhattan" as he works on his newest album.


Casey, you're about to release an EP, "Manhattan" that features covers from The Postal Service, The Mountain Goats, and The 1975. Why did you select these songs? What meaning do they hold for you? And what do you enjoy the most about performing a cover song?

The Mountain Goats are my favorite band so I chose a well known song of theirs that is a favorite of mine. The other two were songs that were favorites of friends of mine.  I enjoy the covers because since more people are familiar with those songs it's a good way to try to get people that normally wouldn't check out my music to give it a listen. 



Why have you remained a solo artist throughout your career? Has there been any point where you considered forming a band?

I didn't have a lot of musician friends when I started off and now that I do I continue playing alone because I enjoy it. I never really expected to get picked up by a label or anything so I never really considered forming a band and now I like the freedom of being alone. 


What can fans expect from your upcoming LP that you're currently working on now?

On the upcoming record I'm hoping to take the good parts of freshman and make them better, and bring some new skills and ideas to the table as well. 


You toured with A Will Away this past year, what was that experience like for you? What was the most memorable thing that happened on the tour?

The experience was awesome. I've known them for a while and they're probably some of the funniest people I know. Most memorable thing was swimming in the ocean for the first time in Virginia beach and then the following few days everyone having ridiculous sunburn to the point that wearing a shirt hurt. 


What do you hope to achieve with your music? What do you want to make people feel/think?

I hope to just get progressively better all the time at what I'm doing, and hopefully make some music that makes other people happy as well. 


You're only 20 years-old and yet you've already come so far in the music industry, what/who do you attribute your success to? Who has helped you most along the way?

I attribute any headway I've made to my friend Brian Swindle of Have Mercy who liked my music enough to help me get an agent and manager and eventually a label. 


What is your long-term goal? How do you intend to achieve it?

My long term goal is to be able to make music my full time job and make music I'm proud of. Just going to tour and write as much as possible until then. 


How is the LP you're developing now differ from your previous two albums, "The Fever" and "Freshman"

"The Fever" was something I wrote when I was 16 so it's a little embarrassing to look back on, so I think anything I do from now on will be quite different. The LP I'm working on now has a similar sound to Freshman but I think I've improved on a lot of things since I wrote it a little over a year ago. The guitar parts are more interesting, and the subject matter centers around stories about my friends and family rather than a relationship. 

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