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This is our very first contest - so exciting!! This contest is for YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE. In short, I was able to snag a few drumsticks off the stage after the show. Sam had a bit of an accident with the microphone cord and spilled over a dozen drumsticks on stage. I grabbed a few (a couple were personal souvenirs), but the third was meant to be a prize in this contest! For anyone that follows Youngblood Hawke on instgram, they would know that the band does a lot of contests that usually involve cool edits. This contest is going to be similar. You guys email us your coolest edits: it needs lyrics from a Youngblood Hawke song and it NEEDS TO BE AN ORIGINAL PHOTO, TAKEN BY YOURSELF. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@KeyPercussion) or email it to us at You have until next Friday to enter! The winner gets the Youngblood Hawke drumstick!

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