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Faulkner is a band that rose to fame when their unfinished demo for "NY Anthem" got into the hands of the Wu Tang clan's RZA and ended up being played at Yankee games all throughout the season. "NY Anthem" hasn't been their only hit, with "Revolutionary" hitting 2 million plays on YouTube. Faulkner's debut EP "Revanchist" which was produced by RZA, Mark Needham of The Killers and JP Bowersock of The Strokes. 

Faulkner performed (quite literally) shoulder-to-shoulder with big name celebrities dressed to the nines this year at New York Fashion Week. Playing on a small stage that didn't quite fit the whole band, the show was quite intimate, but that didn't stop them from jumping around and putting on a big show anyways! After a quick, but energetic set, we caught up with the band to ask a few quick questions. Along with being insanely talented, they're really cool guys with a great sense of humor.

So, Fashion Week! You guys are getting to play, how's that going?

Amazing so far!

Yeah, did you guys enjoy it?

CH: We had a lot of fun!

DF: We love fashion! And we're always weeks!

LA: We're always in like Melrose Fashion district or Soho Fashion district. So, I'm a huge fan of designers and everything about fashion, so it's so much fun to be out here.

How's the been different for you guys as opposed to a regular concert?

DF: Shorter.

CH: Smaller.

LA: The stage is a lot smaller!

DF: But we always treat it the same way: we go up there and rock as hard as we can and have as much fun as we can with it.


You guys blew up really fast, what's that been like for you?I

DF: It's been fun and it's been a lot of resilience and a lot of persistence.Just keep playing any time and anywhere we can. Expose ourselves to old fans, new fans. Meet new people. Collaborate with people as much as we can, learn from them. It's been a great ride.


What was it like getting RZA to back NY Anthem with you guys?

DF: RZA, the RZA, the Abba (?) is the main man. We love him, he's like a big uncle to us. He taught us a lot of things, he's  very wise man and knows so much about music, musical history, and production. [He] dropped massive amounts of wisdom on us throughout the whole time we spent with him.


What's been the toughest part for you guys just touring and performing all the time? I know you love it of course!

LA: It's not!

DF: It's fun, it doesn't matter! This is what we love, this is what we do. It's not tough, it's fun!


You guys have anything you want to say to fans?

LA: Yeah! So we have an album coming out April 7th, 2017 and our two singles, "Revolutionary" are on YouTube - and "Halo Me!" And we love the fans!

DF: And we love Paige!

LA: We love you, Paige!

Anything you guys wanna say to aspiring artists? I know that's cliche, but I meet so many young artists that are just starting out and it's tough for them.

DF: Keep doing what they love, never give up.

LA: And find people that are a little bit better than you!


DF: That's what I did as well. Find other people that are better than you and hang around them.

Watch "Revolutionary" here.

Watch "Halo Me" here.

Check out their EP here.

And check out pics from the show here.


Read our previous interview with Faulkner below:

Faulkner shot to fame very quickly, how has this ride been for you thus far?

Full of debauchery  


Christian has said that you all have “organically came together as friends.” How did that happen? 

We were all playing in different bands and borrowed each others gear. When it came time to return the gear nobody wanted to give it back so it made sense for us to play together as a new band.   


When did you get your start in music and when did you realize this was what you wanted to do?

For all of us it was really young and the only thing any of us were ever good at. 


Your song “NY Anthem” coincidently became an anthem at the Yankee games last year, what were your feelings on that?

Absolutely surreal, we are still pinching ourselves and are massive fans of the Yankees. 


Your debut EP “Revanchist” was produced by some of the biggest named in music including RZA, Mark Needham, and JP Bowerstock, what was your experience working with them? What sort of things did they teach you?

Working with producers like RZA was like serving apprenticeship. Luckily they never fired us at the end!  


Obviously, this EP has a lot of meaning to you, Asher, you’ve said that this record is about those times living on the streets of NYC after running away as an orphaned teenager - what do you think about when you look back on those times? 

I don't ever think about what I went though in the past. I believe everything happens for a reason and feel very lucky to be able to play music for a living.  


What’s next now that the band has established itself and built a strong foundation?

We are excited to keep playing hundreds of shows and meeting our fans in person. We will also be releasing a lot of new music with some more exciting collaborations. Look for our album to drop the first part of 2017!

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