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Hands Like Houses is band that proves that they can do any rock style flawlessly as they change their sound from album-to-album and create such a flawless sound. With the release of their album "Dissonants" this Friday, fans can expect nothing less than the consistently great music they've been producing all along. Check out what we had to say about "Dissonants" in our album review here before you download your copy on February 26th!


With the release of "Dissonants" in just a couple days, what are your feelings prior to the release?

A bit of the surreal, the excited, the nervous and the relaxed!


How do you feel that you as a band have evolved throughout the years after a lot of touring and producing?

Our goal has always been to improve as songwriters and live performers, and those two goals are continuously influencing each other as time progresses. We’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come and we’re excited to see how far we can go. 


You're a band that is known to stay away from falling under one specific genre of music from album-to-album, how do you change your sound each time? What inspires the sound for each album?

I think we always try to keep a determined sense of direction with each release - we want to challenge expectations of us and our sound, but we also want to pay respect to the albums previous. So it’s about being patient and focused in each step being relative to the last. 


You've worked with acclaimed producer, James Paul Wisner in the past when recording Unimagine, what was the experience like working with him? Was it different this time around with Dissonants compared to with Unimagine?

It’s a unique experience, but it’s a great one when you look at the result. James is very focused and particular in the way he achieves the sound that he wants to with the record. So having ‘adjusted’ to his work flow with Unimagine, it made complete sense to return for Dissonants. As it turns out, he was only passively involved in the writing process with Unimagine, but with Dissonants we gave him leave to be hard and heavy-handed with us and the songs, to get the best music and performances out of us. 


What has it been like working with people you've known since you were classmates? Were you guys always friends, or was it the prospects of forming a band that brought you all together?

I suppose there’s a ‘nucleus’ of Coops, Joel and MP that attended school together, but Alex and I were friends with them before we were prospective band members. So as the band settled into its identity, we joined because we loved where the band was headed, but also felt safe and confident in the group of dudes we were writing with.


How did you put so much raw emotion into Dissonants to create an album that evokes such emotion from the listener? What is the process like for you guys when recording?

I think it’s reflective of what we believe makes a great song - it’s a point of connection and impact. So structures, rhythms, tones and moods are all tools to create that emotional connection. 


You're set to tour the UK starting this May, what are you looking forward to most?

Hitting the road with our buds in I The Mighty, and returning with a new album’s worth of tunes to blast from the stage! 

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