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Heyrocco is an indie band with an electro-indie sound and rockstar attitude. Heyrocco is comprised of Nathan Merli on guitar and vocals, Christopher Cool on the bass, and Tanner Cooper on drums. Being a young band, they've carried that youth into their music through their sound and lyrics - a dream for young listeners. Tanner Cooper permitted us an inside look into their latest EP "Waiting on Cool," their upcoming LP, and their best (and most embarassing) moments on tour.

You've just released "Waiting on Cool," what was the writing process for this EP? Where were your heads at and what were you doing when you came up with the lyrics?

I could have never guessed the way "Waiting On Cool" would turn out, it took about a year of recording in Nashville with Benson, Venice Beach with Admiral Collier & Pete G, & our hometown Charleston SC with Wolfgang. Taking that much time really brings out different topics and styles because we do change a lot. One theme [that] we rolled with lyrically was the "day to day life" idea. 


Recording for your second LP starts next month, do you guys have any unusual routines or rituals during recording?

[We] usually consume a bucket of coffee, the surprise set of 20 pushups, [and] "fresh ears" i.e. listening to Norah Jones when youre recording a Metallica sounding song.


What can you tell fans about the second LP?

"Waiting on Cool" is a transition record coming from our first LP "Teenage Movie Soundtrack". LP2 will be us playing as mature musicians, writing stories in songs.. a hip hop vibe. I don't know, we aren't scared to say anything musically or lyrically.


How has life been on tour so far living in a van with three guys and a puppy?

I'll tell you there is no stress when a puppy is in your lap, she is 10 weeks old and is the life of the party. It's like having a baby, except not at all.


What's been the craziest thing that's ever happened to you on tour?

One time, in Toronto, Carly Rae Jepsen walked into our green room and saw me in my underwear. *insert embarassed emoji*

One time in Scotland, a 50 year old man came at me furiously for becoming sick in the parking lot of his morgue screaming, "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?!" 

Our first time in Europe, we did a week tour on foot. Using public transportation carrying our guitars and cymbals everywhere on our person. We borrowed the drums and amps, stayed at peoples' places/hostels.


On your dream tour, who would you tour with and what would be your ideal venue to end the tour with?

Haha That's a good question, my friend. LA's Roxy with Guns n Roses, Amsterdam's Paradiso with The Melvins, or Wembley with Oasis.

You can purchase their new EP as well as previous albums here:

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