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I Prevail

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Formed in 2013, I Prevail has risen to fame at a shocking rate after covering Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"  in their hard rock style, now with 20 million views on YouTube. They toured with big names such as Crown the Empire and Hollywood Undead that same year and were featured in numerous publications. We caught up with Brian to get more on their backstory and what the future holds for the band.

You've all been through a lot as a band, what's been the highlight of your time together so far?

Traveling around the country so quickly into our career. It's been crazy to be able to play such big shows every night. Never expected it to happen so soon.


I Prevail gained a lot of popularity after covering Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," were you surprised by the support you received and the massive influx of fans? What was the thought process behind making that video and did you imagine you'd get the reaction that you did?
When deciding to do the cover we hoped it would gain some traction and lead nicely into our EP release. We never expected it to get as big as it did though. I still remember how excited we we're when it was only at 10,000 views, and now to see where it is at is mind blowing.


You've played alongside Crown the Empire, Hollywood Undead, and Pop Evil - what was it like for you to be able to do that? What band or artist would you hope to tour with someday in the future?
It's been crazy to tour with bands who we have looked up to. Only in our dreams did we think it would be possible to go out with such household names like you listed above. One band that would be amazing to tour with would be We Came as Romans. Huge fans of those guys and they are from Michigan as well.


You kick off your very first headlining tour in a month, what are you most excited for? What kind of preparations need to be made before setting off on tour? 
Really excited just to play live again, no other rush can compare to being on stage. We've been practicing a lot and getting our whole stage set-up complete. We're pumped about how things are coming about and I think this summer is going to be great. 


You're a fairly large band with six members, what effect does that have on stage? Does it feel crowded? Do you feed off of one another's energy?
Only feels crowded when we're on a super small stage but still I think it's a benefit to have 6 guys. We absolutely feed off each other, and always like to go as hard as we can when performing.


"Heart Vs. Mind" is a long EP with seven songs, but when will you guys give fans the full album they've been dying for?
Stay tuned, we are VERY close to new I Prevail content hitting the web.


What is the next step for I Prevail?
Getting this record out and hoping everyone loves it as much as we do.

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