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Landscapes is a UK melodic hardcore band that is just beginning to make their mark in the U.S. After their formation in 2009, they released their debut album 'Life Gone Wrong.' Since then, Shaun Milton (vocals), Martin Hutton (guitar), Kai Sheldon (guitar), Tom Paulton (bass), and Jordan Urch (drums) have been touring the world and making kickass music and memories. Their latest album, 'Modern Earth' is out today and they kick off for tour next month. Click here to get your copy today. We caught up with Shawn for some questions on the album and their most exciting night on tour.


What was the creative process behind 'Modern Earth' like? Was it similar to or different from your previous album 'Life Gone Wrong?'
I think what triggered the entire concept of Modern Earth for me was like, being woke up... I had written up so much material lyrically but none of it was suitable for what I wanted to put together for M.E. But our go-to formula when writing is to play guitars until that feeling comes together and then just organically work drums to it as we go. We then lay down vocals once the structure is there. However, we have written drums first and vocals first on a number of songs on both records too. I think that practicing as many different approaches to music is the healthiest way to get a good variety of song and album structure.


You worked on this album with Sam Pura, who has produced for Basement and The Story So Far, what was that experience like? Do you feel like you all had similar ideas, did Pura bring something new to the album, or did he let you guys run with your own ideas?

Our time out in San Fransisco and our experience with Sam at Panda Studios was out of this world to us, some of us had never even been to the US before! Sam is a wizard at his craft and working with him, although was different to what we were used to, was nothing short of an experience in itself. Some of his methods are pretty wild but what we learned from that was life changing. I'll never forget the privilege we had to be there and Modern Earth wouldn't be here otherwise.


Your new tour embarks in May for the UK and Europe, what are you looking forward to most about this?
Personally, it's all about seeing friends again! Over the years of being on the road, we've met so many great people! I'm looking forward to playing our new songs live finally too! It's a real trip having to sit on new material whilst waiting to release a record.


What was a defining moment in your life that made you want to pursue music and do nothing else?
I've always turned to music to get me through anything and over the years growing up I have always been involved with music one way or another. But doing this thing? I don't know, I guess it was a case of being around each other as a band and knowing that our ideas bounce well together. I love the company of my friends and my friends are in my band. That's golden.


You've previously toured with some amazing bands all over the world, I'm sure you have some great stories, what was the craziest night you ever had on tour?
We've been extremely lucky to have shared the road with those bands and to be honest, it's hard not to want to tell a story from each one. But hands down, the craziest night on tour has to have been out with The Carrier and All Teeth. I can't go into the details but it involved flipping a car, a fight, too much Jager and the shart of all sharts in a brothel. No names, no places but you get the idea... it was FUCKED UP.

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