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Like Pacific is a great band with a heavy, grungy sound that stands out from the rest. On February 19th, they released their album "Distant Like You Asked," an album that speaks volumes about their attitude. Check out our interview with them here and don't forget to get your copy of "Distant Like You Asked" if you haven't yet. We caught up with guitarist, Greg Hall for some questions in honor of the release...


"Stay pissed" is your signature wherever you guys go, where does that come from?

We've always had somewhat of a grittier attitude to our band. Our music targets real feelings of depression, anxiety, loss and heartbreak however our lyrical content kind of attacks those feelings rather than letting them take you over. After a set in a Toronto, a friend in the industry said, "Like Pacific, Stay Pissed." And from there on it kind of just stuck.


Since your beginning in 2010, what do you feel has been the biggest change you've made as a band?

A lot has changed over the years. I would say our overall moral and drive is the strongest it's ever been though. We're right where we need to be as a band. 


With your full-length record, "Distant Like You Asked" out, what are your thoughts now that it's out?

We're really stoked how the record came out and we're just trying to tour it as much as possible so you can all hear it. We've got a busy year, keep an eye out for us!


Is there any part of you that looks at "Distant Like You Asked" and feels like there was something you wish you'd done differently now that it's out. Or are you totally thrilled with the product?

Absolutely not. The whole process was amazing and we can't thank Sam Guiana, our producer enough for the hard work he put in to really make this record what it is today. 


Looking back on 2015, what's been the highlight of the past year?

There's so much I could mention here. I'm just going to go ahead and say that it's been great making real connections and relationships with the people we've met on the road throughout 2015, it's been rad. 


You've embarked on your world tour with Neck Deep and State Champs, how has it gone so far? What are you looking forward to on tour?

The reception has been great so far. Almost every show has been sold out and kids seem to vibe us. We're not used to playing in front of audiences like this both capacity and demographic wise so it's been real. Stoked to hang out with the rest of the bands and put on a show that kids will remember and appreciate in the future.  


What factors have contributed to your powerful sound? What bands and musicians did you grow up being influenced by?

We all grew up listening to a lot of different shit. While Chris was listening to Hit The Lights and Rancid growing up, you could probably catch me listening to The Starting Line or Reliant K. If we were in the same room i'm sure Boys Night Out or The Movielife would be the record of choice. The combination of all these influences brings a bunch of different things to the table. 


What did you learn from the production of "Distant Like You Asked" that you're going to put towards the production of your next record?

I mean I went to school for audio engineering but something I like to bring to every project is that Pre-Production is everything. Allot the time, never skip it. 

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