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Lizzy Farrall

You recently released "All I Said Was Never Heard," what does this EP mean to you?

I’ve sat on the songs for nearly two years, so to be honest, it's a huge relief to finally release them to the world. Every track on the EP means a lot to me. 

Of all the tracks on the new EP, which was the hardest, either technically or emotionally, to create?

‘Better With’ was definitely a hard one for me to write, as Pure Noise and I thought the EP needed to have an uplifting track to add some diversity into the EP. And for me at that time, I struggled with writing very upbeat and happy lyrics not due to me being unhappy, it was just I wrote lyrics to help me express my emotions when I was not having my best days and I always felt when I tried to write happy lyrics they seemed too cheesy for me.. Don’t really know why [haha]. But with some help off Neil Kennedy, who worked on the EP with me, we just took one of my songs and sped up the tempo, added a bouncy bassline, and I think we achieved it. 


"All I Said Was Never Heard" is filled with emotions and experiences familiar to so many people, did you intend for these tracks to resonate so deeply with fans?

Like I mentioned before, I used writing lyrics as a coping mechanism, so everything I write is honest and I think a lot of us go through very similar situations while growing into the person we become. 


How did you get your start in music?

I was discovered over the internet by my booking agent Brad Wiseman. He found a song of mine I had recorded while studying in college and uploaded to youtube. He then dropped me a message and asked to jump on a skype call, then from there we decided I would pick 4 songs and go recorded them professionally with Seb Barlow. Once they were done, Brad sent them off too a few labels and about 2 months later, Pure Noise asked for a skype call to chat.. a month after that, offered me a record deal and that’s how everything began. 


Do you ever experience writer's block in your creative process? If so, what do you do to get past it?

Yeah I do a lot, to be honest. I honestly just keep pushing and pushing myself to write, maybe listening to some music to try and get some inspiration and sometimes watch a sad film. [haha]

You've garnered a strong following in the UK already, but do you have any plans to travel overseas in the near future?

It'd be an utter dream to! Nothing has been set yet.. But hopefully in the near future, it will happen.

If you weren't creating music, what would you be doing instead?

I work in a Care Home part time and I honestly really enjoy it and it keeps me very level headed I feel, Also I’m very into media and photography so that's another hobby of mine. 

Last, but not least, what's next for you?

Everything is on the down low at the moment I shall be playing a hometown festival called Focus Wales in May, but all I can say is keep an eye out on social medias.

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