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Massive Wagons

Your new album “Full Nelson” is out in just a few short weeks, what are you feeling as the release date nears? 

We’re really excited, it seems to have gone from being months until release to a couple of weeks in no time! The singles have had a great response from fans and have reached out to new ears that have now become fans. We’ve had great support and can’t wait to hear what people think to the rest of the album, we’ve got a really strong buzz and hope everyone who hears it feels it too.



From “Sniff the Riff” to “Full Nelson,” how do you feel you’ve changed or grown in that time? 

Since the early days when we first started writing songs together we have a better idea of what we’re doing and honed in skills for writing songs. A lot of it comes from growing as musicians over the years playing and having an increasing maturity when writing, wanting to write good, catchy and relatable songs. It has also benefited the band for never listening to a song and judging it on its genre, a good song is a good song no matter the style. 



You’ve toured all over the UK, including an exciting tour this year, any plans to make your way across the pond in the near future? 

Playing US shows in the future would be great and something that we’d love to do, hopefully not too far in the future! It is definitely an aspiration and something to achieve, on one of our fan groups we’re having more Americans joining and saying they’re telling and spreading the good word of Wagons to their families and friends! We feel Full Nelson will grab the attention of US rock fans that will want us to come over and give them a taste of modern british rock!



What are your hopes for the release of “Full Nelson?” 

Over here in the UK we’re on a real push to have the album chart in the UK Top 40, which would make us the first band from our hometown lancaster to achieve a top charting album. We’re really proud of where we come from and it would mean a lot to put it back on the UK rock map. Being signed with Earache now has really opened up the door to the worldwide market, Full Nelson will be our first worldwide release and we’re confident it’ll go down well! 


Do you guys have a guilty tour pleasure? A food, restaurant, etc. you only get when you’re on tour? 

We always make sure we find time for a team curry night, lots of dishes and lots of spice, we have band and all the crew there, it’s a great chance to chill out and have a good talk about non work matters ha, beers and curry, 100% every time.



What’s one thing you want new fans to know about you?

I suppose the main thing to know about us is what you see is what you get; No gimmicks,  No egos, No Bull. We’re just 5 guys who love doing what we’re doing, playing for fans, and letting people know rock is anything but dead!

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