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Pacific Radio

Pacific Radio is a love sick rock band that was originally made up of Joe Robinson and Joe Stiteler. Birthed in 2010, Pacific Radio finally became whole in 2015 with the addition of the final member Kyle Biane. The band touches on topics of love - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly aspects of it in the life of frontman Robinson. The band is currently promoting their first video and EP, while chipping away at a full-length album with Grammy nominated engineer, Eric Weaver.

You're working on your first full-length debut with grammy nominated engineer, Eric Weaver, how is it working with him?

JR:   Audiowizard.  I’m making up words for him now.  It’s amazing.  You can only teach so much on the technical side, which is like breathing to a guy like Eric.  The problem solving and troubleshooting in a unique and creative way to best benefit a song is where I appreciate him.  It’s a great process to be a part of, and he’s a cool M-F’er which helps him fit in with us...Cool M-Fer’s.


JS:  When he’s not working his magic behind the console, he’s loading gear, winding cords and doing all other types of miscellaneous shit to help us progress.  We’d be in a much different place without him around.  Side note: he’s quietly the most stylish guy in the room at all times.  


KB:  Eric is great to work with. His attention to detail is like no other.  It has really made every step of this record feel worthwhile. I don’t have any regrets or “should we have tried this” kind of feelings. 


HS:  Working with Eric is rad. We've become friends over the last few years so it kinda just feels natural and relaxed with still maintaining a high level of artistic integrity.  


For your new work are you trying to follow in the footsteps of your EP Kitchen Table or are you going to go in a different direction with the sound and narrative?

JR:  All these songs we are playing/recording now are along the same direction.  They were put in motion when the band was being formed and folded into the glorious origami swan we are now.  I am in the process of combing lyrics for round 2 and have some good things cooking.


JS:  We need JR to have a breakup so we can get to work on our next album.  Not with his current lady friend, she’s great.  Maybe with his cable company or cell phone provider.     


KB:  Kitchen Table is definitely part of a family of songs that dominate this record. Most of these songs have been with the band since the formation. This first record will most likely follow in the same vein as the EP.  And even at this point there have been some tunes thrown around for the 2nd record… now that could be a cool new story… we’ll have to see. 

Joe (Robinson), Kitchen Table follows your love and heartbreak, are these songs focused on one particular girl or does your inspiration come from different people?

JR:  The girl who kissed me on the kitchen didn’t throw my tape deck out the window, but they were all crazy and blonde.   


You're off to Bottlerock this summer, are you nervous to play at such a massive festival or do you feel like you're up for the challenge? 

JR:  The cool answer is ‘no’. The real answer is ‘yup’.   So, no.  Nervous excitement I guess.


JS:  I feel like it’s gonna be the greatest show we’ve ever played.  


KB:  Our live show is pretty high energy so we really feed off the crowds. The larger the crowd, as long as everyone is feeling it it should be a nerve free fun show.


HS:  It's definitely a big deal sharing the stage with some giants but nevertheless.. we are going to crush it. 


What process is involved in your music production? What steps do you guys take to come up with a final product that you feel is ready for the world?

KB:  I would say that our production process revolves around the small details. Whether it be guitar tones, rhythmic stops, string overdubs or hand claps, every element is put under a microscope. Eric (our producer) has really shown us how to have patience and explore an idea before just settling on it. With this mentality I feel the whole band walks away very proud of the recordings. Another big aspect is taking things away, listening alone, in the car, in your living room etc, then coming back, maybe days later, to make changes. In this process where everything is under a microscope it is very important to keep perspective and not tweak yourself backwards or ruin what initially excited you about a idea.  



Of all the bands (including the past), who would be on your dream tour with you?

HS:  I’d love to have shared the stage with Pink Floyd


JR: The 1971 Rolling Stones and 1976 ELO and Eagles of Death Metal


JS:  The Strokes, The Hives, The White Stripes.  


KB:  If we could share the plane… Led Zeppelin, if not, Cream would be pretty awesome. If we are talking modern day, a tour with The Dead Weather would be pretty rad.

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