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Silver Snakes

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Silver Snakes is an amazing LA based rock band whose latest album, "Saboteurs" is out on 2/5/16. Their new sound on this album is similar to that of Nine Inch Nails and Sleep. For a full review, check it out in the News section.


You've explained that your latest album "Saboteur" is about someone that sabotages and manipulates others to achieve their own personal goals and finally has to answer for them, what lead up to the creation of this story?

The album was inspired by my own day to day observations, whether out on the streets or in the news. 


Estrada has stated that sabotage is something that can be applied to any person's life, how do you feel it is applicable to your own life/lives?

I feel that sabotage is something we have all either been a victim of or have participated in. I've walked over people in the past, I've set people up for failure to cover up for myself etc. As a human being you do what you have to do to survive. I've also used sabotage as a means to help others. 


"Saboteur" is incredibly different from your previous works, what concerns do you have regarding the reaction of your fans to this change? Are you excited to be experimenting musically despite any adversity?

We are very excited to be making new music overall. We are our own biggest critics. As long as we enjoy the music we are making then we have no other concerns. 


What song on the album do you feel you connect with most?

"The Loss" is a song I connect with most lyrically. It's hard to explain that song in detail because the words almost play out as a movie in my own mind. They were written from the point of view of a person testifying in a courtroom to a large crowd, Making observations on their surroundings, explaining their actions and showing zero remorse. Trying to put myself in those shoes is emotionally draining. 


Estrada, I understand the writing process was different for "Saboteur" because rather than secluding yourself, you embraced the bustle of the city. What influenced this decision?

Music is so sensitive to detail, Every aspect of it from the writing to the playing. If your hands are cold you perform differently, If your voice is hoarse you perform differently, If you're experiencing certain emotions it will find it's way into the music. Time and time again, I've sought out the same setting to inspire the writing process and I just needed to switch it up this time. I wanted to be inspired by the grey, the dirt, the pollution, the people and city in general. So many families have been displaced in Los Angeles for further development of the city. It's like a well-oiled machine that will run over anything or anyone in its path. I wanted these things to make their way into the process. 


You have a massive tour coming in less than a couple weeks, what are you most looking forward to about this tour?

We are looking forward to every single thing on this upcoming tour. Performing our new music for new people, seeing our favorite cities, watching the amazing bands every night. We are very fortunate to be on this tour. 


How did you pick the bands that would open for you along this tour? 

We didn't 




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