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Silver Snakes's New Album: "Saboteur" - OUT TODAY

Silver Snakes, a Los Angeles based rock band, is just a few weeks away from their latest album "Sabotuer." The album features warm, sultry vocals which often include an interlude of growling for the initial few songs on the album. The lyrics evoke a sense of raw emotion, pairing nicely with the alternation between singing and growling. Despite the lyrics being incredibly captivating, they are not the main focus. In fact, the vocals are simply supplementary to the instrumentals in the album, which predominantly include bass, drums, and guitar. The album is very bass heavy, giving the album a dark tone which is consistent with their style.

Notable features on the album includes the interesting style choices for "Glass." The song's intro has a static-y sound giving the vocals a unique, grungy sound. The ending of Glass gives the effect of a blown speaker - a technique that gives the song more of a cutting edge. Additionally, in "Devotion," the drumming is mainly done on the crash, giving it a sharper, more contrasting sound to the rest of the album. Digital affects are used consistently throughout Saboteur, however, Silver Snakes does a great job at ensuring it does not overpower any of the other elements.

Interestingly, their sound and style is similar to that of Alice in Chains in several ways, including vocals, tempo, and a few other key elements. This was most apparent in "Charmer," which was reminiscent of Alice in Chains's "Man in the Box."

Overall, fans will be happy to hear that Saboteur will not disappoint upon it's release, February 5th.


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