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Album Review: 'Dissonants' from HANDS LIKE HOUSES - OUT TODAY

Australian rock band, Hands Like Houses will release their latest album 'Dissonants' this Friday. Hands Like Houses has previously toured with popular bands such as A Day to Remember, Sleeping with Sirens, The Amity Affliction, Memphis Mayfire, and Enter Shikari.

'Dissonants' is an album that dips into a heavier realm than their last album 'Reimagine.' Although the two albums contrast, they complement one another and ultimately, there is no way fans can be dissappointed when they hear the final product. Woodley, Coops, Pearson, Tyrell, and Parkitny have taken the opportunity to show the world that they can do any style of rock.

'Dissonants' starts off with previously released song, 'I am,' which sets the tone for the rest of the album and is one of my personal favorites off the track. Other favorites include 'Glasshouse' and 'Momentary' whose powerful chorus evokes the urge to move that can be felt throughout one's entire body. 'Glasshouse' also holds my favorite lyrics off the album: "I was safe, I was brave. Until the sky collapsed on me. Can you hear the thunder in my chest..." Phenomenol lyrics are, however, a recurring theme in the album - they are all so raw and heavy with emotion.

The music itself is organic, one can feel how genuine it is. Woodley exhibits masterful vocals that work beautifully with the guitar and drums. The instrumentals are also flawless, revealing an audible comrarderie between the band members that allows them to create such a seamless album. Hands Like Houses put so much into 'Dissonants' that they left a part of themselves behind when creating it - it's something you can feel when you hear what they've created.

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