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Crown The Empire's "Retrograde" - ALBUM REVIEW

Tomorrow, Dallas rock band Crown the Empire will release their latest (and greatest) album "Retrograde" with Rise Records. Crown the Empire has become one of the greatest breakout bands of the last few years, making their claim to fame with "The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways," which made it to the top 10 of Billboard's Top 200.

"Retrograde" has caused a lot of excitement in the music world and, after hearing it for myself, it isn't unwarranted. The diverse, innovative, and unmistakeable talent put into this album suggests that it will surpass the fame of "The Resistance" and could reach #1.

"Retrograde" introduces songs like "SK-68" and "The Fear is Real" in order to introduce a more story-like element to the album by indicating a beginning and thematic change. The tone of the album changes throughout, beginning with a heavier, darker sound, but ultimately shifts to a softer, more emotional tone.

Crown the Empire is taking this album straight to the top with tracks like "Zero," "Weight of the World," Signs of Life," and my favorite: "Oxygen" which reminds me of electro-indie band Joywave. The versatility of this band will ensure the longevity of their success.

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