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Opeth's Sorceress: Album Review

Due out on September 30, Sorceress is the 12th album by the Stockholm-based metal band, Opeth. Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales over the course of 12 days, the music was written by front-man, Mikael Åkerfeldt, over a span of five months.

Like many of the groups past releases, Sorceress challenges the listener and draws from a wide sonic palate. The opening track, "Persephone," is a classical style guitar duet that builds up to a monologue and sets the tone for this album. "Persephone (Slight Return)" offers resolution as the last track and with a similar duet style and ending monologue.

"The Seventh Sojourn" is my favorite track, due in part to its movie soundtrack-like quality. The driving beat and steel string guitars licks evoke images of Norse gods battling in vast fields. Imagery that isn’t far away throughout the album.

Sorceress is a journey that I’d take anytime. The music is very obviously technically challenging and impressive, yet still a pleasure to listen to. The mixing and production are incredible but never get in the way of the musicianship or composition.

Opeth starts a US tour on September 24th with support from The Sword on select dates. Don’t miss the chance to see them in a town near you.

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