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Argonaut & Wasp's 'Loser Like You' REVIEW

Brooklyn-based artist, Argonaut & Wasp, consists of Trey Schibli (vocals, guitar), Theo Klein (back-up vocals, synths), Alec Donkin (bass), Kevin Whitehead (lead guitar), and Willoughby Morse (drums). Just last week, they released a track called “Loser Like You,” an honest and funky fuck you. The song’s intro starts off like a story, backed by finger-snapping and cowbell – which seems like a strange combo, but it works.

The chorus of “Loser Like You” keeps up the original groovy vibe and adds synth, giving listeners something really new to move to. Trey’s vocals are clean and well put together, Theo’s synth addition pulls the old and new sounds together seamlessly, and Alec’s bass-playing gives a great beat to move to. Ultimately, all the elements of the song that shouldn’t work together, sound like they belong together thanks to the masterful stylings of Argonaut & Wasp.

Probably the most note-worthy aspect of the band, aside from their unique sound, is that each song they produce is wildly different, not only from anything else out there, but from the other songs they produce. Their musical pallet is much like their choice in instruments: diverse, but harmonious. Each track is different, but there is no doubt that they belong together or that they were produced by A&W. There is no denying that they’re paving the way for something new.

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