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Boston Manor's "Be Nothing" Album Review

British pop-punk band, Boston Manor, is making waves and creating a splash here in America. As an absolute sucker for pop-punk music, throw in some mo elements and you have Boston Manor - and my heart.

Overall, the album combines both somber and upbeat elements in an utterly angsty and romantic album. "There are some moments on the record that get much heavier and times where it just simmers down completely." guitarist, Mike Cunniff explains. "The songs range from melancholy, despair, guilt, and anguish to upbeat, confidence, anger and frustration."

Be Nothing has tracks including "Burn You Up," that possesses qualities reminiscent of early Blink-182 as well as other early 2000s pop-punk artists. Mike notes, "We get a lot of ideas from 90s and early 00s punk/emo and rock music." Boston Manor gets their inspiration from my absolute favorite era of music.

If there's any question of whether or not you should get Be Nothing, think no more and get it. Dan, Ash, Henry, Jordan, and Mike have put their all into this record and created something truly excellent. Fans have something fucking awesome to look forward to and a tour to match.

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