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Up and Coming: Cold Summer

With a blisteringly hot spring, some of us are already dreaming of a cold summer. Sadly, U.K.-based post hardcore band “Cold Summer” can't control the weather, but they can keep you cool with their latest album Fight to Survive.

In their press release, Cold Summer describe Fight to Survive serves as a “call to arms for an apathetic generation.” The album is the band’s most personal album to date, focusing heavily on political themes of greed and corruption and doling out a healthy dose of anger along with heavy punk and post-hardcore influences.

The first single, “A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire,” received airplay across on radio programs across the U.K., including on the BBC and RockSport Radio in Scotland. The music video premiered in Canada and the U.S., as well as the U.K., giving the band a fan base in North America as well.

Cold Summer has been grinding out tracks since they formed in 2011, focusing largely on their original DIY outlook by self-producing and releasing two EPs and a self-titled track. Transitions, the band’s first EP, allowed the band to come into their own as songwriters. Transitions also gives the greatest example of Cold Summer’s progression as a band with the acoustic track “Waiting,” which crops up again on Wake with a guitar-heavy intro and distorted vocals. The final, remastered version appears on Fight to Survive with the vocals cleaned up.

The band followed the same DIY work ethic in their touring, booking their own album release tour across the U.S. and U.K. for their self-titled album. While they don’t currently have any tour dates lined up, they’re still making a name for themselves in the local scene, playing small, intimate shows in their local Leeds, but a band with as much energy and focus as Cold Summer won’t stay small for long. They’re definitely the band to know for post-hardcore fans. We’ll keep you updated as they continue their rise to the top of the post-hardcore scene. In the meantime, check out more of their music below.

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