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New Politics Release Music Video for "One of Us"

With the first day of summer having finally arrived, New Politics has finally given us the music video for their latest release "One of Us."

A song all about being a part of New Politics's weird and wonderful out-of-the-in-crowd has finally got a sick music video for fans to enjoy with the band's catchy and quirky lyrics.

Beginning with singer David Boyd awkwardly entering stage, looking dashing in a suit - nothing at all like his usual on-stage presence of smiling, dancing, and sweating in street clothes for an energetic audience - he looks out on a crowd of asylum patients (well, the same three patients repeating). The video begins with a laughable safety warning - as if anyone would want to put on earplugs before this - before switching to a bobble-headed band with Soren Hansen, guitarist, starting off vocals. The video continues on with more of the strange - dentistry, dancing, sexy suits, and just overall unusual imagery. But hey, what more can you expect from our boys Louis Vecchio, David, and Soren? Check it out for yourself to get the full experience and remember: you're one of us.

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