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CLIFFHANGER is Tearing Off the Band-Aid with New EP "Old Wounds"

Five piece Chicago pop-punk band, CLIFFHANGER got their start back in 2012 with their first release, "Cut the Ties." After winning the Ernie Ball's Battle of the Bands, they earned themselves a spot on the roster for the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. Shortly following Warped Tour, their former lead singer decided to go in a different direction. Despite the band coming to a screeching halt, Mike Centracco, Mike Licari, Matt Meindl, and Dan Rickert knew they didn't want to stop making music. On the hunt for a new lead singer, they invited long time friend, Evan West, to join the band.

The new CLIFFHANGER recently released the single "Barbed Wire Bat" off their upcoming EP "Old Wounds," which is set for release Friday, October 13th!

The EP starts off with the track "Out of Line," a rapid, percussion-soaked introduction to the EP. The track starts right off with an an early 2000s pop punk vibe featuring haunting vocals. The EP then moves on into "Lost Cards," another percussion-filled, angsty jam vibe featuring emo lyrics. "Chicago Sunroof" is the kind of song you sing while you stomp your feet to heavy guitar riffs with your middle finger held high. The overall sound is this song is reminiscent of something between the mellowness of Yellowcard and the moody lyrics of Sum 41. "Barbed Wire Bat" is the focal point of the EP, having been the single released previously. For those of you that haven't already heard the song, it's a banger. It brings you back to a time when you wore swooping side bangs and overly thick eyeliner. It's a stunningly emo-meets-pop-punk debut with emotionally charged bursts of guitar. Finally, we hit "Dead Weight," a wind-down from the rest of the EP whose upbeat instrumentals and contrasted by the downbeat lyrics.

"Old Wounds" is out this Friday - don't forget to give it a listen! In the meantime, check out our interview with the band on the Interviews page.

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