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Thor: Ragnarok's Tessa Thompson, Beyond the Big Screen

"Thor: Ragnarok" is the third Marvel movie in the Thor Series and one of the better of the three, in my opinion. Packed with lots of jokes to cater to all ages and action that leaves you gripping your chair, it's a gem. However, Despite some new characters that we all hope to see in future films (here's looking at your Korg), there was one face I was really excited to see up on that screen, Tessa Thompson.

Tessa Thompson plays the character Valkyrie, a former member of the elite, all-female battalion in Asgard known as the Valkyrie, which fell at the hands of Thor's secret-sister, Hela. True to the comics, Valkyrie is the unlikely companion of The Hulk with an uncanny ability to appeal to the softer side of the greener side of Bruce Banner. Despite her gentle nature with Hulk, Valkyrie's power matches that of Thor's (and her attitude is surpassed only by Tony Stark's.) However, while Valkyrie may be the coolest female superhero to step foot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Sorry Scarlet Witch and Black Widow), the actor that portrays her is just as amazing.

Tessa Thompson may from henceforth be known for her role in "Thor: Ragnarok," but she also starred in the 2014 comedy "Dear White People." A film that was directed at calling out the subtle racism and appropriation that infects the world today. One thing you may not have known about the empowering Tessa Thompson is that she's also an incredibly talented musician.

If you've seen "Dear White People," you'll probably recognize the song Get Your Life, a little diddy by Caught A Ghost: Tess Thompson's very own band. Caught A Ghost is an indie electro soul band started by Tessa and Jesse Nolan. They released their debut (and unfortunately only) album "Human Nature" with +1 Records back in 2014, but I assume that with Tessa's busy film schedule, she hasn't had the time to continue the project. Aside from Get Your Life being featured in "Dear White People," their songs have also been featured in commercials and TV shows (Supernatural, Suits, and Grey's Anatomy).

A few years back, when Caught A Ghost was touring with Youngblood Hawke, I caught up with Tessa and Jesse and got to talk a bit with the band about Tessa's acting career, the band's aspirations, and what's lurking in their fridge. Check out the interview here. Check out more tracks by Caught a Ghost here.

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