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"Played By the Fool" by Hugo Fowler

Hugo Fowler is a jack-of-all-trades musician whose talents include singing, song-writing, drumming, and guitar, amongst others. Fowler showcases these talents in his latest EP "Played By the Fool," an indie-rock extravaganza.

"Played By the Fool" is a funky, hypnotic experience for listeners to completely submerge themselves in, with tracks that provide variation whilst staying true to the overall sound. Each track on the EP is layered with many different elements: horn, primary and background vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, synths, shakers, and even African drums - all added so masterfully so as to add to the tracks rather than smother music already present.

Tracks like Faking Lately and Woes on the Stars highlight the hi-fi sound of the EP with some instrumentals so raw, you can hear every vibration of the guitar. Woes on the Stars is a prime example of Fowler's guitar knowledge by utilizing several guitars, including an electric with a very funky twang. Along with horn, sultry female background vocals, and a heavy baseline, it's a very funky experience for listeners. Off the Coast, my personal fave here, is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, in that when listened in its entirety, you're brought on an extra-sensory, almost trippy, journey with Fowler.

Last, but certainly not least, Fowler takes great care in writing striking, introspective lyrics. The visuals in tracks such as Off the Coast are powerful, exhibited by lines like "watch the tsunami/ break through the glass." Most of the lyrics are a powerful looking glass into the mind and experiences of Fowler, "I don'y know how much more these shoulders can hold."

All in all, the experience, thoughtfulness, and influences in Fowler's life have come together beautifully in this EP. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.

Check out the EP here

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