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Sarah McGowan Debuts New Single "Leave You Lonely"

LA based pop singer-songwriter Sarah McGowan has released a new single "Leave You Lonely" in anticipation her new EP "A Little Intimate" which is available June 28th.

You can hear "Leave You Lonely" here

McGowan explains, "'Leave You Lonely' is a song about knowing you’re about to break someone’s heart but not being able to let them go. In most of my past relationships, I ended up being the one who gets hurt, so this is a different angle for me. When my co-writer Anna Schulze and I wrote this about a year ago, I had no idea that I was about to go through something similar to this song. So it takes on a new meaning to me now—I’m singing about my broken heart through the eyes of the one who hurt me.”

This track follows the recent release of the EP's first single, "It Felt Good," which you can watch below:

McGowan's upcoming EP, "A Little Intimate" is her first release in over 3 years; during this time, she notes that she has grown, going through different experiences in life and love. On this EP, McGowan collaborated with other writers and producers to create a final product that she's excited to finally be able to share with fans.

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