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ASHRR Releases Cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees, "Cities in Dust" | New Album 'Oscil

In the wake of the recent release of their album 'Oscillator,' synth-rock band ASHRR has released a cover of Siouxsie and the Bashees' "Cities in Dust." The track is a available on Spotify and Apple Music or fans can watch the lyric video here.

The band's multi-instrumentalist/producer, Josh Charles says about the cover track, “”Cities In Dust” is a classic alternative hit from the mid 80’s that permeated the airwaves and MTV when I was a kid. I love the driving bass line and incredibly emotive force behind Siouxsie’s voice. The song draws you in with a repetitive chant that digs deep into your soul. The original production is great but we felt that we wanted it sound like today and one of the main differences of course is Steven’s voice. Whenever you decide to do a cover, I’ve always been fond of males voices covering female singers. It forces you to look at the song in a different light with different keys, textures, etc. The lyric refers to Pompeii but is as relevant now as it was in the 80’s with a message about the destruction of our civilization. This song kicks so much ass live - it’s become one of our favorites to play in the show.”

ASHRR, an LA-based synth-rock band consisting of singer-songwriter Steven Davis and artist/producers Ethan Allen and Josh Charles formed in early 2018 to develop their new-wave/post-punk influenced alternative rock. They've attracted the attention of NPR,, LA Weekly,, as well as others.

The trio's credentials are next level with Steven Davis, who started off as a gospel singer in a Midwestern church, but has clearly taken his career far beyond the steeple. Davis has shared the stage with Diana Krall, Tony Bennett, headlined Rockefeller Center's rarefied Rainbow & Stars, as well as co-writing with the legendary John Oates.

Ethan Allen, a master of all, is a record producer, mixer, engineer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist musician who has worked with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ben Harper, Tricky, Lucious Jackson, The Cult, Gram Rabbit, and Sheryl Crow - to name a few.

Last but certainly not least, Josh Charles, the critically acclaimed piano prodigy, guitarist, singer, producer, and songwriter who was mentee to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Dr. John. Charles has recorded for Columbia/Sony, Island Records, and Elektra Records/Warner. He's written with John Oates, toured with The Neville Brothers, Joss Stone, and Buckwheat Zydeco. As if this wasn't impressive enough, he is also the sound designer for Native Instrument's and SPLICE.

The combination of all of these experiences and talents attributes to their uniquely profound sound - which you can hear below:

Tracklist for Oscillator:

  1. Waiting For Silence

  2. All Yours All Mine

  3. Made Up Your Mind

  4. Paper Glass

  5. Lost In You

  6. Boundaries

  7. Don’t Wait Too Long

  8. Artifact

  9. Sometimes

  10. Medicine Man

  11. Here

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