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The Attack

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The Attack is a Florida based punk band looking to unify the ever-dividing music scene by refusing to define themselves and stick to one sound. Brad and Charlie answered a few questions so we could get to know a little more about The Attack.

You're heading off on tour soon with Big Wig and Less Than Jake, how are feelings running on that? Excited? Nervous?

Charlie: Nervous? No way.  Super excited.  We have a great relationship with both bands.  It’s going to be a great way to finish up the year.  I only wish the tour was longer. 


"On Condition" is out next month, what do you hope fans get from this album?

Charlie: I hope this record becomes a staple.  Fills a void in a record collection that people didn’t know existed.    That it never leaves their phone.  That it will align with different parts of peoples lives.  An escape, a reality, whatever works for them.  I believe in this record.


What can you tell us about what "On Condition" means to you?

Charlie: Life is a contingency!  Not to get deep but it is.  We were lucky enough to write and record this record largely due to good and maybe some bad decisions that we’ve made in the past couple years.

I found the term while reading a book on The Clash.

The Clash were allowed to open for The Sex Pistols on condition that they built the stage for the show. How crazy is that?

I’m sure any band now days could give you a handful of conditions that they’ve had to fulfill.


You guys said that The Attack wants to reunite "punks and skins and hardcore kids," why do you think it's so divided and how do you guys hope to fix it? 

Brad: We think it's divided because a lot of new kids don't have the same depth of influence as people who have been in the scene longer. Consequently, people who have been around longer seem to only be going for the safe bets, the biggest shows, and bands. We have always hoped our music, and the shows and tours we perform on will help give people a clue that punk, hardcore, oi, hardcore punk, whatever all basically come from the same place. The Attack has toured with The Business, H20, Less Than Jake, Misfits, Pennywise, Flogging Molly, Cro-Mags, The Toasters, The Bostoness, etc. It would only take a few people from each of these shows coming to see us on our own to help create, or re-create the type of scene I hope for.


During the time that you were writing "On Condition," where were your heads at? What kind of setting did you end up writing most of the music in?

Charlie: We had just finished playing a lot of shows.  Everyone had personal things going on.  We had plenty of topics and situations to write about.  It was good time to write a new record.

Many ideas might come from each of us writing and coming up with ideas or concepts but we meet up at the rehearsal space and really work together to make these ideas into songs.  Our space is amazing.  Super comfortable and easy.  Feels like home.

Aside from making music, what else you do you guys do? Does that ever spill over into your music?

Charlie: Mikey works at one of the best independent record stores in the country. Park Ave CDs in Orlando, Fl.

Brad and I own Enemy Ink, a full service custom screen printing company that focuses on the touring industry.  Enemy was founded in 2001 and has played a major role in The Attack.  Establishing new relationships with friends and bands has only multiplied with having The Attack on tour and representing ourselves.  We have a very good understanding of the touring industry.  We live it everyday.  Whether traveling in the van ourselves or making sure our customers have everything they need to make their show a success.

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