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Album Review: Rocket to Rainier

There are few feelings better than being introduced to a new band and being able to immediately groove to their sound. I am personally a huge fan of the pop punk of the early to mid 2000s, it was around the time that I began developing my own music taste and has great influence on my interests now. There's something immensely comforting in the angsty music that flooded the radio then and the grungy sound that defines me now.

A band, by the name of "The Hollowpoints," has recently come to my attention and after listening to their latest album, "Rocket to Rainier," I am very excited to be writing about them now. The album, dropping on October 2nd, will be their second full-lenth album since their formation in 2001. Their sound is very similar to that of Blink-182 and revives that pop-punk sound that defined a decade. The lyrics, dark and telling tales of great struggles, are nothing like the dancy, upbeat sound that accompanies it. I'm excited to see this sound coming back and am thrilled that The Hollowpoints were able to do it justice.

Favorite lyric : "I am a broken record, spinning in and out of hate and love. To my own disgrace, I found out what it costs." Frostbite

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