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Ignite's "A War Against You"

On January 8th, SoCal punk/melodic-hardcore band, Ignite, will release their latest album "A War Against You." The album features incredibly powerful vocals that provokes intense emotion from the audience. The fast tempo throughtout the album makes it perfect for getting pumped up. The immediate physical response one experiences as they listent to the album is one of excitement. Everything about Ignite's latest work get the blood pumping. The style of the music would likely appeal to millenials given it's more modern tempo and exciting sound. Thematically, the album is pointing out the societal flaws that generate self-loathing and encourages listeners to fight like hell against the negativity and self-loathing.

"This is A War" which features a quick tempo and stirring lyrics is a song that I can imagine fans moshing to. Meanwhile, "Oh No Not Again" sounds very similar to "Sugar We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy, particularly the intros of both songs sound nearly identical.

Ignite fans are in for an incredibly tour because although this album sounds great already, it will sound phenomenol live in a high-energy venue.


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