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Gone is Gone to Debut EP Next Week

A new Franken-band has formed earlier this year from Mastodon‘s Troy Sanders, At the Drive-In‘s Tony Hajjar, Queens of the Stone Age‘s Troy Van Leeuwen and Sencit Music’s Mike Zarin and the EP is nothing less than what fans would expect coming from such legendary names. Despite their busy schedules and other responsibilities, the band managed to get their EP out on time and the plan is to continue to produce music remotely. This EP is their first public work together and comes just a couple months after their live debut as a band on April 27 at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles.

The album features songs like "Violescent," "Starlight," and "Stolen From Me" which have already been released to the public. In addition to these songs, the EP features 5 additional songs. The song features heavy guitar riffs and Sanders' signature vocals, but despite the power behind every instrument, they have managed to find instrumental balance. It is evident in the piece that the artists have formed a dynamic team. Songs like "Starlight feature a slower pace, but nothing that doesn't still hold the essence of the musicians creating it. The greatest element is the ominous voice in "Character" and "Recede and Enter" that allows the EP to bring almost a story-like element to the EP.

Sanders spoke on the album, "Calming the inner beast and creating separation between yourself and the caged animal, hungry with destructive intent. Bridging negative experiences of the past into a new and colorful light, becoming your ‘violescent self’. Desiring to better your personal environment and those who surround you, you must first better yourself.” The EP is set to release July 8th with Rise Records.

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