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Review: Can't Refuse EP by Lainey Dionne

Lainey Dionne is a brilliant and talented indie artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and so on, as demonstrated by her EP Can't Refuse. Hailing originally from Rhode Island, she moved to Boston upon admittance at Berklee’s College of Music where she received her degree in Music Business with a minor in Music Production and Engineering. On top of being a gifted singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Lainey can also playviolin, ukulele, harmonica, and cajon. Lainey’s EP was released this past Fall and is demonstrative of her immense ability.

Can't Refuse is a collection of some truly inspired works by the young, up-and-coming artist. Lyrically, the album possesses several nuances of romanticism and interconnection which she explores over six mesmerizing tracks. The songs, though different, flow into the next with notable ease and fluidity - each one chronicling a different layer of relationships in the most delightfully honest way. Lainey’s overall sound is shockingly upbeat despite touching on more somber topics like letting go of a toxic love, much like that described in “Your Fickle Heart.”

The instrumentals in Can't Refuse are piercing in their beauty but also allow a level of simplicity for Lainey's vocals to shine through, vocals that can only be described as ethereal. Her voice is sophisticated and soulful as she explores her range and abilities in songs like “Reverie” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

Lainey not only showcases her vast skills, but also her growing potential as an artist.

Check our Can’t Refuse here and check her out on Facebook.

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