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ICYMI: Tyson Ritter Goes Drag for "Sweat"

Following their typical trend of going radio-silent between records, The All-American Rejects have finally emerged again. After months of hinting new music with bizarre "Please Standby" pictures, they've released a new music "movie." Beginning with a skimpily dressed Tyson Ritter strutting his stuff on the sidewalk with his fellow working girls, it's a bizarre scene that leaves fans confused about their attraction. At a whopping 11+ minutes, it's difficult to classify this as a "music video."

Classically sticking with its tride-and-true emo-pop sound, AAR has decided to modernize, adopting a new mainstream pop vibe. Overall, despite being confused, surprised, and albeit aroused - I'm excited to hear what the future holds for the band and their change in sound. Not to mention, this means more to come from them and I couldn't be more pleased.

Check out the Tyson Ritter as a bad-bitch below:

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